We all know we need protection from death, disablement and critical illness – you would not be here reading this if you didn’t.

But did you know that you could be paying too much or have the wrong type of insurance?  You shouldn’t pay any more than you need to for your protection.

At LifeGuard Financial Services we are with you every step of the way.  With our extensive knowledge we will assess your situation, your needs and your wants and match you with the correct type of insurance for the right amount at an affordable price.

Save Time and Money

With 10 reputable insurance companies in our panel of insurance covers, we use our skills and knowledge to provide you with the best advice tailoring the right insurance solution to you.

We always keep in contact with you through the application and work hard to reduce your time during the process.  Once your insurance is active we don’t stop there.  You will receive an annual review of your policies to ensure that any changes in your situation are reflected in your accounts and that you are still getting value for money.

When You Need To Claim We Are There

And when the worst things happen and you need to make a claim we will handle it for you.  We will control your claim for its duration.  We will manage your claim with the insurance company to make sure you focus on what is important to you.

We Look After The Hard Stuff

Insurance is easier than you think and IS affordable.  It is also something that is very important to you and your family.  Insurance takes the worry of money away at times when money is not what you want to worry about.

We offer you the BEST advice and dedicated customer service that you deserve.  Let us look after you and take away your worries.

John Quinn’s Story

John, a client of Lifeguard Financial Services, works for AFL Greater Western Sydney.  John needed to claim on his income protection.

Watch this video to see his story.

John’s sister Rosemary wrote this about claiming on John’s income protection.

After all his employment leave entitlement was exhausted, I was advised by his employer, John had
an Income Protection Policy in place. I was relieved to say the least to learn John had protected
himself against loss of income. Without the monthly payment John’s life would have been vastly

Being a dad with two teenage children in private schools, house and everyday living expenses
without this insurance John would have been financially ruined.

After a few enquiries and some identifying information I was in touch with LifeGuard and the rest fell

into place. I was able to communicate directly to an appointed case manager by phone or email. If I
required information or had concerns I would always have a reply within a few hours. The financial
responsibilities seemed effortless as everything was streamlined by LifeGuard.

My brother continues his return to health and LifeGuard is still supporting him with allied medical


I would have no hesitation in recommending LifeGuard to family, friends and colleagues for the

simple reason financially you have no burden – your day to day expenses remain the same giving
you peace of mind to concentrate on your family’s wellbeing.

– Rosemary

What Our Clients Say

"The financial responsibilities seemed effortless as everything was streamlined by LifeGuard"

Rosemary’s brother claimed on his income protection. Rosemary was the power of attorney for her brother.

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