The successes make the sacrifice all the more worthwhile. But don’t let those successes go down the drain if something happens to you.

Your Business Depends On You

Owning a small business often means that your business relies heavily on you being active in your business. Your business depends on you to be there so what will happen to the business when something happens to you and you cannot attend to it? Have you considered how the loss of your income producing work affects your staff, your business expenses and ultimately your living expenses that your family relies on?

We are an established small business too and we understand the needs of your small business and the expenses involved that you should be insuring. With our experience and extensive knowledge of business we will help you get the right insurance.

Our Professional Team Will Manage Your Insurance

Plus we will save you your time. Your business is what you do best. You shouldn’t be spending time trying to do my job. With LifeGuard, our strong, knowledgeable and professional advisers will be able to show you how best to protect your business. So you can get back to doing what you do best – running your business. Leave the rest to what we know best – business insurance.

And when the day does come and you need to make a claim we are still there for you. Our Claims Manager will take control of your claim so you can focus on getting better and back to business.

What Our Clients Say

"When I purchased my own business in 2013 Toby was one of the first calls I made"

Robb Farlow
Signarama Mt Waverley

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